Rob and Kai - the two owners of

Who is FreeAds.Club anyway?

FreeAds.Club is a free membership club site for people who love free advertising. Our membership is made up of members like you – someone who like free ads.

To join Free Ads Club, simply place a free ad on the site. 🙂

When place a free ad on our site, it asks for your email address. We send out “Free Ad Club” Emails and promote our site heavily to help you get the most ad views on your ads.

Who owns this site?

Our site is owned by a father\son duo: Rob and Kai Willmann.

Rob Willmann

Hi, I’m Rob and I work at a software company by day, and I do affiliate marketing in the evenings.

Kai Willmann

My son Kai is an awesome 12 year old who is learning the ropes. Owning this site is a lesson in entrepreneurship for Kai.

Each of us work together to make FreeAds.Club the best site we can make.

What Can you Expect from FreeAds.Club?

  • High Quality, Family-Friendly Ads – We’re a family duo working on this site. We screen ads for content that violates our TOS. If you see any ads that aren’t family-friendly, send an email to:
  • Plenty of people viewing your ad – We make sure there’s quality traffic flowing to the site. There’s a few sources we use to send traffic to You’re getting a wide variety of people viewing the ad you placed.
  • An Email with your login information so you can edit your ad, buy bump-ups, upgrades, and more.
  • The FreeAds.Club Email –  It’s a daily email with friendly tips and help on how you can make the most of your advertising efforts online.
  • Our blog! – Kai and Rob will be writing blog entries on the site as we go. We’ll start slow at first, create a schedule and then write consistently. We are working out how we want to schedule this over the summer before Kai has to go back to school. We’ll be covering our stats and earnings on this journey. That way you know EXACTLY where you’re advertising. You’ll receive an email when there’s a new blog post.

Have Suggestions or need tech support for your ad?

You can use our Contact Page to reach out to us.

-Rob and Kai Willmann